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Recent Updates

agnistambasana ankle to knee

January 13


Asana Art
Including Insights from Wanderlust Teacher Training Mentors

The beauty of yoga has many facets – from the asanas themselves to the clarity the practice unveils in our lives. So when we created the training manual for our new Wanderlust Teacher Training, we wanted to reflect a bit of that beauty in its pages, including more than 50 gorgeous photo-illustrations of yoga poses. Over the coming months we will be publishing this asana artwork in conjunction with tips and insights on each pose from our Wanderlust Mentors – the senior teachers who lead our teacher trainings. Check out what we have released so far!


November 19


Save the Date! 2014 Summer Festivals

We are excited to announce our 2014 Summer Festival dates and locations, a coast-to-coast adventure in yoga, music and mindfulness! Looking beyond our Wanderlust winter escape to the fabled North …..

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